Welcome to my events page

It’s my goal to help you find your happy and that might mean I need a little help from my friends!

I have worked with some amazing people on my personal development journey. We share a common desire to use our knowledge and our skills to help as many people as we can. My intention is to collaborate with my wonderful friends to bring you inspiring offers and events.

Watch this space, it’s going to be brilliant!

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Claire, my wonderful and creative sister in law, offers crochet and craft classes in the Midlands to help people take some time to relax, unwind and breathe. If you want to see how working with yarn can help you find your happy, then please get ready to start your own crochet adventure.

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Miriam Burrell has transformed my understanding and commitment to meditation. Just by taking a few minutes to myself every day, over my 2nd cup of tea, has made me calmer, happier, and more able to cope with whatever life throws at me. Take a look at her website for access to both her live sessions and recorded meditations.

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I am very proud to be a volunteer wellbeing coach for Macmillan. They do amazing work for people living with cancer. Click the link for access to their services and fundraising events.

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Mindset Reset – Next Event TBA

You know how you thought you were ready for anything, and it turns out that you weren’t…

You know how you thought you had everything planned, and after this year, we know actually none of us did…

You know how when your mindset isn’t great, problems seem bigger than they really are…

Join me, together with Kay Woodburn (www.grittypeople.co.uk) and Miriam Burrell (www.bemighty.coach) on Mindset Reset; a 12 week online, live, interactive learning experience. Designed to help you learn the tools and strategies to unleash your full potential, get out of your own way and shine brightly.

  • The course will run over 12 weeks
  • You will get 6 Live sessions, one every fortnight, with time to reflect and share in between sessions
  • You can join our Facebook group or WhatsApp group to chat with the coaches and other participants. We will share additional content here and suggest ways for you to practise what you have learned
  • You have the choice of joining either the morning sessions 10.00-12.00 GMT or the evening sessions 19.30-21.30 GMT

For full details, testimonials from our previous participants and to book your place click the link below

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