Hi, I’m Jacqui Flavell

I'm a trainer and a coach. It's a fantastic combination. As a trainer, I can teach you knowledge, skills and strategies for happiness and success. As a coach, I will partner with you to help you discover how you can apply this new knowledge to your own life. I know you have the capacity to be happy right now. I can help you access those resources, challenge your limiting beliefs and address what you may be avoiding. My goal is to help you to achieve happiness. What does happiness mean to you? What would it mean if you could wake up happy every day? How will your life change when you are happy?

Performance coaching is about getting better at something.

Transformational coaching is about getting better.

And if you would like me to work with your organisation, I have over 20 years of experience of leadership coaching and development in a corporate environment. I have coached everyone from first line managers, directors of blue chip organisations and managing directors leading their own businesses. I have worked all over the world and delivered training via webinars to groups of up to 1000 and still achieved a high level of engagement and interaction. I can offer both training and coaching to individuals or teams. How would you like to be happy at work? How would your organisation benefit if everyone is happy?

Jacqui is a brilliant coach. I go back to her time and time again when I am struggling with anything from personal life to work. She is incredibly empathetic and such a great listener. ...

... Just wanted to say that the call was so incredibly helpful, and really made me think about, well, the way I think!

... Jacqui gently challenges me to think things through, in a calm and relaxed way. To find my own conclusions. Her coaching sessions are friendly and non-judgemental and they get results! ...

Whether you want to drink your 2nd cup of tea and feel happy, confident and know that you are enough, or while creating a 5 year strategy for success in business, I can help.

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