My approach is relaxed, friendly, and non-judgemental. Imagine having a friend who really listens to you, doesn’t tell you what they would do or what they think you should do, and really wants you to be happy. That’s me, as a coach.

Here’s what others have to say…

Jacqui is a brilliant coach. I go back to her time and time again when I am struggling with anything from personal life to work. She is incredibly empathetic and such a great listener. She always manages to help me leave the coaching sessions inspired and excited. She has many tools to help me move forward and is just excellent at getting me to move forward with actions that I can’t wait to take. Her ability to ask me the questions I have been avoiding myself is uncanny but this is why I go to her. She challenges my thinking and helps me see the path forward. I would recommend you work with Jacqui whatever your challenge is. She has plenty of life and career experience to bring to the table.” Alayne K

You can’t do this to Limitless Webinar was a truly thought provoking session hosted by the lovely Jacqui. Facilitated over Zoom with a couple of slides and an engaged audience of like minded people curious to explore how they can work to remove some limiting beliefs.

“My biggest takeaway and something I have already tapped into is that we can overwhelm our thoughts by allowing our emotions to take over, creating this big beast of a worry over something we need to tackle – whereas in reality, it may be a task that will take us 30 minutes, yet the concern consumes our every waking thought leading up to this event, with ‘what if’s’ and fear of something going wrong. This is the chatter and noise that gets in the way and we avoid such situations, by fearing failure, so we don’t try, so we don’t fail, so we win- but we don’t learn. So whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! (Henry Ford quote highlighted the topic beautifully). Introduced to Dilts neurological level of change and observed a coaching conversation with Jacquie supporting an attendee to work through a limiting belief (also a sprinkle of NLP and Imposter syndrome also highlighted in the session). Superb use of my time! Thanks so much for the opportunity.” Claire F

“I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching session with Jacqui and found her really easy to talk to, especially as coaching is a new concept for me. Opening up about work related issues / personal issues isn’t something I am used to but found the session was engaging and has given me a different outlook.” Chris B

“I have had a number of coaching sessions now and I can highly recommend Jacqui. Her style of coaching is very supportive, she really does want me to realise my potential. Jacqui gently challenges me to think things through, in a calm and relaxed way. To find my own conclusions. Her coaching sessions are friendly and non-judgemental and they get results!” Dee F

“Jacqui is amazing! Before we even get to the technical bit of what she did- I want to note that she took time out of her day to call me purely because a mutual acquaintance told her I was having a bit of a rough time- and Jacqui wanted to help using the skills she has in this area. Anyone that passionate about what they can do to help people feel great has a real gift! During our chat, she asked the questions needed to really unravel how I was thinking negatively, why I thought that way and how I could re-frame certain feelings and experiences. She was kind, calming and passed no judgement. After a little more than an hour on the phone, I came away feeling excited about how to start and keep challenging my negative thoughts- and I can honestly say it made a massive difference in how I approach things.” Danielle F

“Just wanted to say that the call was so incredibly helpful, and really made me think about, well, the way I think! I knew that trying to overcome the issues wasn’t going to be an overnight accomplishment, but my call with you really made me feel more confident that I could and will be able to just change a few key things about the way i speak to myself, the way I frame things- and this in turn will help me feel more positive and confident.” Emma J

“Just to let you know I am finally about to sit down with a cuppa, The kindness method and my new shiny book to do the exercises in. Thanks” Claire S