We would start with a free 30 min consultation to see if I can help and so you can decide that coaching is right for you. Then, whether you are looking for a one-off session to get some new perspective, or a few sessions to feel a greater change, I can help.

Typically our first session would last about 90 mins and subsequent sessions are about 60 mins. I offer a selection of packages.

If none of these sound right for you then please get in touch and we can talk about what you want.

Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have. So we just need to find some new resources.

Coaching PackagesCreating awarenessCreating changeCreating transformation
Who is it ideal for?Someone looking to get a new perspective on their situation.Someone looking to achieve an outcome or change over a short period.Someone looking to achieve a more significant outcome or change, that can be broken down into smaller steps.
Number of sessions136
Durationn/a6 weeks12 weeks
Expirationn/a12 weeks24 weeks
Methodvideo/phone/face to face if localvideo/phone/face to face if localvideo/phone/face to face if local

All behaviour has a positive intent. There will always be another way of achieving that intent.

Pay it Forward – Have you been fortunate enough to discover the power of coaching? Has coaching had a positive impact on your life? Would you like to help someone who cannot afford it experience the benefit of coaching themselves? Make a donation of £5, or whatever you can afford, towards payment for a coaching session for a person on a low income.

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And if you know that you would benefit from coaching and think you can’t afford it then think again. I offer a few low-cost coaching sessions every month for people on low income. I offer this either through my “pay-it-forword” system or by working with local charities. It’s my goal to help as many people as possible so please contact me and I can see what I can do to support you.

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